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The simple elegance of a cymbidium orchid with lots of tropical texture.


Mini-Cymbidium orchids submerged underwater to give a new look and an old favourite.

January Madness

Are you already a fan of our under water orchid? This is a Large version! Wonderfully unique idea!


Dendrobium orchids with funky grass finish. Please note, there is not a guarantee on what colour


Dendrobium orchids in a vase with rolled over tropical leaves and filler.


The Best Buds original top seller, the underwater orchid. Orchids come in: blue, purple and a weekly- assorted colour. In a 16 inch vase.


The original Best Buds top seller, only mini! Orchids come in: blue, purple and a seasonal colour.


The original Best Buds top seller with a cymbidium orchid. Orchids come in various natural colours.


Write a message and send a lovely unique hand made card with the order.