Do you have a special event that you have coming up? Let us make you a statement piece you will never forget. *Customized for your colours and style.

This lush floral crown can be customized to fit your colour palette. For your graduation, why not be a princess and wear a crown? For your special photo shoot, why not be the Queen?

Hair flowers can be such a great addition to an outfit without having to pin on flowers or wear them on your wrist!

This boutonniere has a few more unique elements and a bit more eclectic.

A simple rose can be the best choice! Many colours or colour accents can be used to create the perfect match!

This simple carnation boutonniere comes in almost any colour. It is very hardy and will hold up during any weather. Let us know your colour preferences and we're happy to accommodate!

This sweet & simple boutonniere can be adjusted to fit your colours.

This sweet little gardeny wrist corsage has lots of smaller details to make it look like a pretty mini-bouquet. *Corsage Only-photo to show matching boutonniere.

This sweet & simple boutonniere will match any outfit. *Can be customized to fit your colour.

This hardy wrist corsage will last well through the day and evening. They also come in a large variety of colours.

This sweet & simple wrist corsage is easy to adjust colours to match any dress.

This beautiful modern wrist corsage has a few more elaborate details to bring a fun feel to a gorgeous dress. This can be customized to match any colour. With it being built on ribbon, it can be secured on and a nice soft fit on the wrist.

This lovely corsage can be customized to reflect colours of the dress or outfit of the graduate.