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This gorgeous copper pot is filled with water and will last you through to the new year. Look at all of the textures and colours in this one. Your guests will be wowed by the wonderful smell and unique elements with tropical foliage and dried cotton stems


This unique planter idea will make all of your neighbours say WOW! We can customize colours to match your decor. Lovely and long lasting, it is perfect for outdoors, but can be placed indoors and watered.


Looking for your unique Christmas tree idea? Why not get a large Grinch tree with a hand-knitted snowman or birdy to make your house, apartment or office smell amazing! (Snowmen while last/may be replaced with other bird ornaments)


This long lasting greenery and dried cotton will suit any home or office. One the greenery is gone, you can save the dried cotton for your favourite dried arrangement.


Long & low centrepiece perfect for a dining table or a coffee table. A bit more modern with hydrangea and roses.


How beautiful is this blush festive arrangement? It is very long lasting and with the cotton and lotus pod is natural and earthy.


Long lasting with pops of red to make it festive. These lotus pods can be taken out and used in other dried flower arrangements around your house.


This simple and elegant swag with greenery and accents is a great way to show appreciation to clients and friends alike. Put it inside or outside on your door.


These greens and whites are perfect for any occasion & match perfectly with any colour palette.


This lovely array of roses and berries with orchid accents with all of the smells of evergreens to make you feel that Christmas spirit.


Create your own vase of evergreens or a planter style arrangement. Here is all of the greenery you will need!


Gerbera daisies, fuji mums and orchids combine with dried orange slices in citrusy tones to create a refreshing and richly sweet arrangement. Lemon yellow, tropical oranges and lime greens!


Write a message and send a lovely unique hand made card with the order.


Cranberry colours make this one festive and bright. The suede magnolia leaves bring some great texture to this one.


Traditional red & green plaid makes this the true Christmas colours.


No flowers in here...this will be good to last for weeks when watered daily. Lovely colours will brighten up your dinner table.


The elegance of the natural brown tones added to the Christmas colours make this one a great table centrepiece.


Evergreens, berries, a bow and a hand-painted mason jar...this one will last you right through the New Year! Give a gift they can re-use.


Long lasting orchids and evergreens make this a lovely spin on the traditional centrepiece. A touch of Grinch green to make it even brighter!


Evergreens, berries, pine cones and a candle. A great way to bring some light to your dinner table all through the season.


Traditional colours, but try something a little different this year.


This large floral arrangement is that wow in Christmas reds. Large BC pine cone and local branches make it extra special.


This organic Christmas table centrepiece is long lasting and goes great with any decor. We can customize colours if you would like as well.


The smells of Christmas are abundant in this tree. Order one for yourself or someone who lives in an apartment or condo. It's the perfect size!

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