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A tasteful design of some modern flowers with a long lasting fall theme.

$125.00 to $177.00

Greenery can be simple, beautiful and long lasting. Perfect for any occasion.

$38.05 to $102.00

Spring has sprung with this lovely artisan arrangement. ***If not in season peonies will be subbed with 3 roses instead.

$78.05 to $142.00

This gorgeous and green lush wreath is a little more long lasting and can be used for any special memorial service.

$150.00 to $202.00

Send your regards with this lovely purple and white arrangement.

$180.00 to $232.00

Larger vase with stargazer lilies, orchids, fuji mums and roses.

$115.00 to $167.00

Yellow gerbera daisies, golden yellow roses, white delistar mums and cassablanca lilies will make the statement that you would like to make. This is perfect to send to a home address or to the memorial service. It is all ready to go with no hassle for the

$100.00 to $152.00

Taller one-sided arrangement with all white flowers: calla lilies, oriental lilies, orchids, etc.

$92.00 to $144.00

The simple elegance of a cymbidium orchid with lots of tropical texture.

$60.00 to $112.00

These calming tones of soft greens and whites will bring comfort to any recipient.

$62.00 to $114.00

This little bird in a nest will brighten anyone's day or send comfort to those who need a little pick me up. An array of unusual bunch of flowers mixed with some long lasting traditional ones too! ***Seasonal flowers may vary.

$95.00 to $147.00

This AMAZING display will celebrate any occasion with your loved ones! Tropical flowers and lots of bold and dramatic colours in this gorgeous bouquet.

$295.00 to $347.00

An elegant upgrade to our orchid elegance. This mini cymbidium orchid comes in a variety of natural, soft colours. Great for an office, hospital or home.

$85.00 to $137.00

This white and green arrangement is sure to bring a touch of elegance to any space. Perfect for showing that the recipient is in your thoughts no matter what the occasion.

$200.00 to $252.00

A large spray with lilies, roses, gerbera daisies, and seasonal flowers. We can change the colours depending on your preference and what we have for availability.

$200.00 to $252.00

Large standing spray with a lovely assortments of pinks and purples.

$180.00 to $232.00

A heart wreath with a lovely assortment of flowers. Like a warm embrace. Comes with stand.

$180.00 to $232.00

Full spray with white lilies and contrasting purples and blues for a touch of colour.

$200.00 to $252.00

Smaller spray with brighter colours and a more modern feel for placing on the casket or can be sent as a spray on a stand.

$210.00 to $262.00

Standing spray sent with a stand for a modern feel. Can customize colours and flowers even.

$245.00 to $297.00

A golden yellow, orange and pink wreath as a bit of a brighter option for a memorial service.

$165.00 to $187.00

A wonderful way to honor loved ones that loved fall. A beautiful golden standing spray.

$165.00 to $217.00

A beautiful colour blocked wreath. These bright colours would be a touching way to send your condolences and pay your respects to your loved ones

$155.00 to $207.00

Send a great mix of soft and rich flowers for

$150.00 to $202.00
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