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Pretty pinks in Lila's Basket...a lovely whitewashed wooden planter basket that can be used to put just about any colour of flowers in. Roses, gerbera daisies, cymbidium orchid blooms, and other spring blooms.

Long lasting blooms to ensure you get as much life out of the flowers as possible. Dried cotton stem, pincushion protea, mini cymbidium orchid blooms, fuji mums and curly willow branches to add some flair.

White washed wooden box with a lotus pod, cream roses, green fuji mum, green button mums, green bells of ireland and green trick dianthus. All you have to do is water daily to keep this flower arrangement fresh.

Add a little bit of colour to someone's day to make them smile. If it's a cold day or a rainy day, bring some happy to their desk or house. All you have to do is water!

These calming tones of soft greens and whites will bring comfort to any recipient.

The simple elegance of a cymbidium orchid with lots of tropical texture.

A drawer of dried botanicals and pods. Please do not add water to this one as it is a permanent bouquet!

Send flowers a bit more tall and slender...send a flower tower.

A little bit longer lasting, this gorgeous simple design will keep providing a wonderful statement.

Fun lily garden arrangement. BC or Alberta grown lilies. Colour may vary.

Bright Albertan lilies presented in a ceramic pot and finished off with greenery.

Some cotton balls in with a variety of textured greens. And some pine cones to add a spark of nature.

We love lots of colour...and this arrangement has a lot of textures to go with it!

Fun array of pinks and oranges to brighten someone s day.

A touch of white stands out in this beautifully textured basket arrangement. The cedar smell reminds us of camping in the forest.

A little bit of cotton in the tropics.

A different dozen puts a modern spin on the sentiment of the traditional dozen roses. Perfect for any occasion.

A wonderful combination of lilies, allium and wild extras.

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