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These fun springy colours have a mix of springy blooms and longer lasting blooms. Please note: spring garden blooms may vary as blooms are ready at different times.

A little spin off of the traditional rose dozen...gerbs, gerbs and more gerbs!

This lovely corsage can be customized to reflect colours of the dress or outfit of the graduate. With it being built on ribbon, it can be secured on and a nice soft fit on the wrist.

A wonderful way to honor loved ones that loved fall. A beautiful golden standing spray.

Larger vase with stargazer lilies, orchids, fuji mums and roses.

Evergreens, berries, pine cones and a candle. A great way to bring some light to your dinner table all through the season.

A lovely centrepiece that can pretty much go anywhere. A lovely red pillar candle to make the arrangement more modern and an all red display of flowers to make your table extra festive.

A touch of white stands out in this beautifully textured basket arrangement. The cedar smell reminds us of camping in the forest.

Orange slices bring sweet smells and great colour to the vase...why not mix in a little citrus. Great for a baby boy arrangement that isn't all blue! Or great for spring in Edmonton!

Never underestimate a monochrome arrangement!

Please note that due to high volumes, this arrangement will look a little different.This rustic, country style arrangement comes in a hand painted mason jar. The soft, but colourful flowers make them appropriate for just about any occasion.

This boutonniere has a few more unique elements and a bit more eclectic.

Bring a touch of rustic to your Holiday table this year.

A low and full arrangement composed of soft coloured Stargazer Lilies, Fuji Mums, Spray Roses, Rununculus and fillers.

Some of our most colourful blooms thrown into a freshly wrapped bouquet. Lilies, gerberas, roses and mums as well as seasonally available blooms.

Send a great mix of soft and rich flowers for

These soft pinks & whites are a lovely combination of textures. Designed so all you have to do is add water.

A wonderfully bright 18" wreath. That perfect goodbye for a nature lover.

A little sparkle to brighten your day...Sweet Caroline!

This wreath features cream coloured gerberas and cymbidium orchids, paired with B.C chrysanthemums and coloured daisies to create a soft and comforting colour palette.

Use some jewel toned flowers for a great affect.

Wishing you could go away for the holidays but don't quite have the budget? This arrangement with birds of paradise, lilies and funky gerberas is cheaper than a plane ticket, and has both a holiday and an "island" feel!

Evergreens with red flowers and red berries in a white pot.

A wonderful combination of lilies, allium and wild extras.

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