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Gerbera daisies brighten up this vased arrangement sunny and cheerful!

A heart wreath with a lovely assortment of flowers. Like a warm embrace. Comes with stand.

Simple and elegant, a stargazer lily in a vase is perfect for an office desk or at home.

Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Fugi Mums make up the main body of this wonderfully colourful vased arrangement.

Low table centerpiece for you holiday table. Wonderful seasonal colours available.

A bright bouquet of lilies, gerbera daises, roses and more

If you could turn watermelon into flowers...we think this would be it! Perfect for any occasion.

A tasteful design of some modern flowers with a fall theme.

This casket spray speaks volumes about the person it pays tribute to. Colourful flowers and natural textures combine to create a big impression and are the perfect way to remember someone special.

Send a bouquet of six colourful roses. The arrangement will have a touch of tradition, and your sweetie will get his or her favourite colour!

Local flowers from B.C. Gerbera daisies and mums will last nicely at home or the office. Trim the ends when you get them home and place them in water. Bright colours to make a pop and brighten your home or office.

$75 value! A little spin off of the traditional rose dozen...gerbs, gerbs and more gerbs!

This lovely corsage can be customized to reflect colours of the dress or outfit of the graduate. With it being built on ribbon, it can be secured on and a nice soft fit on the wrist.

A wonderful way to honor loved ones that loved fall. A beautiful golden standing spray.

Larger vase with stargazer lilies, orchids, fuji mums and roses.

Evergreens, berries, pine cones and a candle. A great way to bring some light to your dinner table all through the season.

A lovely centrepiece that can pretty much go anywhere. A lovely red pillar candle to make the arrangement more modern and an all red display of flowers to make your table extra festive.

A touch of white stands out in this beautifully textured basket arrangement. The cedar smell reminds us of camping in the forest.

Orange slices bring sweet smells and great colour to the vase...why not mix in a little citrus. Great for a baby boy arrangement that isn't all blue! Or great for spring in Edmonton!

Never underestimate a monochrome arrangement!

Please note that due to high volumes, this arrangement will look a little different.This rustic, country style arrangement comes in a hand painted mason jar. The soft, but colourful flowers make them appropriate for just about any occasion.

This boutonniere has a few more unique elements and a bit more eclectic.

Bring a touch of rustic to your Holiday table this year.

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