Why not add a wonderful conversation piece in your living room or your table.


If someone needs a smile on their face, or has a room to brighten this is a wonderful gift.


A little spin off of the traditional rose dozen...gerbs, gerbs and more gerbs!


Add a cute little face to an arrangement and make the fall speak to someone you love...


Elegant blues, purples, oranges and reds for an elegant fall themed bouquet.


This gorgeous arrangement gives a beautiful and modern look to any setting. It is full and and low, but still has a tremendous amount of presence. Blooms may vary seasonally.


This short and sweet arrangement of gerbera daisies, bright mums, lush green tricillium and rich carnations will brighten any recipient's day with its soothing look.


Send flowers a bit more tall and slender...send a flower tower.


The fall foliage with the tropical birds allows you to bring home both the fall season and the tropics.


Low, round vase with roses and mini gerbera daisies.


This hand-painted mason jar filled with fresh seasonal blooms is larger and has more unique blooms of fresh flowers. Flowers will be based on seasonal availability and may include: roses, sunflowers, waxflower, carnations, and eryngium (thistle).


Are you already a fan of our under water orchid? This is a Large version! Wonderfully unique idea!


A fresh and funky arrangement with gerberas, roses, lillies and tropical greenery!


The seasonal fall colours in this arrangement make it appropriate for any recipient, to lend some fall beauty into their lives.


Add a little bit of colour to someone's day to make them smile. If it's a cold day or a rainy day, bring some happy to their desk or house. All you have to do is water!


Bright gerbera daises to brighten any room!