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During the summer, we get very, very busy trying to accommodate all of the wonderful, loved-up couples who are getting married in Edmonton during our brief warmer months.
Key tips for success: Re-cut stem ends at an angle every 1-3 days. Keep the vase full of water and don't use floral preservatives. Display in cool area away from heat vents.
At The Lavender House, we are  extremely excited about the holiday season! We love creating beautiful holiday designs and letting our imaginations run wild with unique flowers only available during the winter season. 
Add a personal touch to the blooms you are about to send or have just received. These ideas on how to arrange flowers will help you get creative.
At Best Buds, we have noticed that when people are given orchids as a gift, their delicate beauty entrances them but are also unsure about the best way to look after them.
The Best Buds original top seller, the underwater orchid. Orchids come in: blue, purple and a seasonal colour in a vase.