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Blossoms for Change: A Floral Affair Benefiting 1000 Women

Blossoms for Change: A Floral Affair Benefiting 1000 Women

Join us in a heartwarming event where beauty meets purpose at The Lavender House. For every $40 bouquet sold, we’re donating $10 to 1000 Women, a charity dedicated to providing support and empowerment to women in need. This unique initiative not only allows you to bring a piece of floral art into your home but also contributes to a cause that uplifts and supports women’s empowerment and education.


About the Contests:

We’re thrilled to partner with local icons Kira Paran – Northern Style,  Gloria – The Art of Cake, and Justine Ma for three exclusive Instagram contests. Dive into a world of creativity and community spirit as we celebrate with:

  • The Justine: Inspired by the creativity and warmth of Justine Ma, this bouquet embodies a vibrant expression of joy and artistry.
  • The Gloria: A nod to the sweet elegance of Gloria’s Art of Cake, this arrangement captures the essence of indulgence and celebration.
  • The Kira: Crafted in honour of Kira Paran’s Northern Styles, this bouquet will reflect the chic and spirited nature of its namesake.

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Join Us in Supporting 1000 Women with Blossoms for Change

At The Lavender House, we believe in the power of community and the beauty of giving back. This season, we’re combining our love for exquisite floral design with our passion for supporting women’s empowerment. In collaboration with local talents Kira Paran, Gloria from The Art of Cake, and Justine Ma, we’ve curated a special collection of bouquets that are more than just flowers – they’re a symbol of support, strength, and solidarity.

For every $40 bouquet purchased from our exclusive event collection, $10 will be directly donated to 1000 Women, a charity close to our hearts. This initiative not only celebrates the beauty and artistry of our local partners but also contributes to a meaningful cause that impacts the lives of women across our community.

How You Can Make a Difference:

  • Purchase with Purpose: Select from our exclusive Blossoms for Change collection and directly support 1000 Women.
  • Engage and Win: Participate in our Instagram contests hosted in partnership with Kira Paran, The Art of Cake-Gloria, and Justine Ma for a chance to win enchanting floral prizes.
  • Spread the Word: Share our event and contests on social media to amplify our collective impact.

Let’s come together to celebrate beauty, creativity, and the power of community support. Your participation goes beyond flowers – it’s a step towards change, empowerment, and unity.

Together, we bloom brighter.

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About the Lavender House

The Lavender House, formerly Best Buds Flower Co, has called Edmonton’s historic Oliver neighbourhood home for over twenty beautiful and blossoming years! We are grateful for our passionate and creative team who are always excited to bring your floral vision to life with a luxurious, high-quality, custom design. Guests are encouraged to stop in, chat, smell the flowers, and enjoy a cookie baked by our owner, Kimberly, herself!