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Write a message and send a lovely unique hand made card with the order.

Cranberry colours make this one festive and bright. The suede magnolia leaves bring some great texture to this one.

Traditional red & green plaid makes this the true Christmas colours.

Evergreens, berries, a bow and a hand-painted mason jar...this one will last you right through the New Year! Give a gift they can re-use.

Long lasting orchids and evergreens make this a lovely spin on the traditional centrepiece. A touch of Grinch green to make it even brighter!

A great addition to brighten up the holidays and then you can enjoy your favourite beverages in the new year!

Evergreens, berries, pine cones and a candle. A great way to bring some light to your dinner table all through the season.

This large floral arrangement is that wow in Christmas reds. Large BC pine cone and local branches make it extra special.

This cute little arrangement will add a bright spot to any room with its vibrant colours and the small bird ornament.

This white and green arrangement is sure to bring a touch of elegance to any space. Perfect for showing that the recipient is in your thoughts no matter what the occasion.

Roses with a romantic fairytale twist! Give something a little different this special occasion.

The classic red rose to show love and respect done in a little bit of a different style. Show someone you care with a bit of a twist.

A simple arrangement of roses and coffee berries gets a rustic touch with textured greenery and a birch paper ribbon. Perfect at the holidays or for a romantic gesture.

A spectacular arrangement of golds, and whites with an amazing pine accents.

In a low bowl with berries and pine cones as well as large vibrant flowers to give it that pop.

A carnation topiary with candy-canes and berries. This unique arrangement is sure to bring dreams of sugar-plum ferries.

A holiday version of our popular "French Country" arrangement, this rustic vased bouquet comes in a clear or white mason jar with a small handmade swag. It contains beautiful smelling evergreens, christmas gerbera and other seasonal blooms.

All shade of reds for this fun arrangement.

Inspired by an all time classic Christmas movie White Christmas This is a white and red bouquet with touches of silver accents.

A wonderful treat for any host, traditional yet unique.

This blue and white arrangement can be used for Hanukkah or another winter party. Silver accents make it shine.

A touch of the tropics in your flowers!

Are you looking for a long lasting gift for a business or perhaps an outdoor planter for your home or office? This is the perfect arrangement to last all season indoors or outside.

This vibrant arrangement of birds of paradise, gerberas and orchids is perfect for any occasion and will be sure to impress.

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