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Discover the language of flowers: the meaning of your favourite blooms

The Lavender House is looking forward to spring and we can’t stop daydreaming about longer, warmer days! For that reason, we have brought you a light but touching compilation of the meaning of your favourite flowers. Therefore, your next bouquet selection is even more special for you and your loved one.


Peonies are one of the most popular flowers for Canadians to plant during the warm months, thanks to their beautiful colours and lovely shape. They generally symbolize love, happiness, wealth and beauty. If you are looking to express goodwill or convey your best wishes to a loved one, this is the flower to go for. However, each colour has its own meaning. Pink peonies are extremely popular with brides (thanks to Blair Waldorf for the beautiful bouquet ideas) because they symbolize romance, health, and prosperity—everything you want in a marriage. On the other hand, white peonies signify bashfulness, which makes them a great choice as “sorry” flowers or to express sympathy.

pink orchid


Orchids have a unique and sophisticated shape that makes them extremely popular, they also come in a wide selection of colours to suit any personal preference. They are associated with love, beauty, wisdom and of course, refinement. Pink orchids are a great gift for moms or moms-to-be because they symbolize grace, innocence, joy, and fertility. You can place them as a beautiful centrepiece for your baby shower or as a decorative piece for your baby’s room.

If you are looking to convey purity, faith, innocence and elegance, you should bet on white orchids. They are a great flower for bridal bouquets or as decorative flowers that enhance any space dedicated to the worship of your faith.

Finally, if you wish to express admiration for someone and you are looking for an elegant yet unique flower, you need to look into purple orchids. During the Victorian era, purple orchids were associated with royalty and the upper class, over time they evolved to symbolize authority, dignity, respect and admiration.



Sunflowers are best known as a symbol of summer and warm days! They are always following the sun. They’re big, fun flowers that symbolize loyalty, strength, and ambition. Making them a great gift for anyone starting a new job, opening a new business, or for your beloved friend who is about to graduate. Furthermore, sunflowers also convey good luck, wealth, and lasting happiness; so you can gift them to the new homebuyers. Fun Fact: Helianthus is the scientific name for sunflower. “Helios” means sun in Greek while “Anthus” means flower.

pink lilies


Lilies are as popular as orchids, and just as beautiful!

These wonderful flowers convey different meanings depending on their colours, but they generally symbolize femininity, beauty, purity of heart, and sometimes grief. White lilies were a symbol of sympathy and respect, in times of grief during the Victorian era. Today, white lilies are the most popular selection for funerals because the sweet scent comforts people and symbolizes peace, devotion, innocence, and grief.

For their part, pink lilies are commonly known as symbols of femininity, fertility and sweetness. Even Greek and Roman brides were aware of its symbolism, as they used to wear lilies in their hair to bring fortune and prosperity to their marriages. In China, pink lilies are also a popular choice among brides because they represent “100 years of love” and good luck.

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