$55.00 to $77.00

Our original top seller, the underwater orchid. 16" tall vase, with mini cymbidium orchids. These natural colours of orchids come in green, yellow, whites, pinks and seasonal colours.

$60.00 to $112.00

Hand-painted mason jar with some pretty blooms to match!

$21.00 to $48.00

Modern and minimalist, these cymbidium orchid blooms are accented by rolled aspidistra and river rocks. It makes a sophisticated statement on any table.

$85.00 to $137.00

An elegant upgrade to our orchid elegance. This mini cymbidium orchid comes in a variety of natural, soft colours. Great for an office, hospital or home.

$60.00 to $112.00

The simple elegance of a cymbidium orchid with lots of tropical texture.

$110.00 to $192.00

A mini cymbidium orchid in a tall underwater vase (20-27") gives a classy twist on our best-selling arrangement. Cymbidium orchids come in natural, soft tones of white, yellow, green, pinks, oranges, browns and burgundies (colours may vary seasonally).

$40.00 to $97.00

The original Best Buds top seller with a cymbidium orchid. Orchids come in various natural colours.

$20.00 to $62.00

A twist on the classic floating rose. Mini-cymbidium orchid blooms floating in a bowl. Colours may vary. Choose vase shape.

$5.00 to $17.00

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