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Hand-painted mason jar with some pretty blooms to match!


Modern and minimalist, these cymbidium orchid blooms are accented by rolled aspidistra and river rocks. It makes a sophisticated statement on any table.


An elegant upgrade to our orchid elegance. This mini cymbidium orchid comes in a variety of natural, soft colours. Great for an office, hospital or home.


The simple elegance of a cymbidium orchid with lots of tropical texture.


A mini cymbidium orchid in a tall underwater vase (20-27") gives a classy twist on our best-selling arrangement. Cymbidium orchids come in natural, soft tones of white, yellow, green, pinks, oranges, browns and burgundies (colours may vary seasonally).


$60.00 value Are you already a fan of our under water orchid? This is a Large version in a 20-24" vase! A wonderfully unique idea, comes our popular blue orchids as well as the purple and white!


$70.00 value! Dendrobium orchids with funky grass finish. Please note, while we endeavour to make our arrangements as close as possible to the photo, blue orchids will only be available as supplies last, and we may substitute for another colour.


$54 value! Dendrobium orchids in a vase with rolled over tropical leaves and filler.


$40 value! Our original top seller, the underwater orchid. This arrangement is 16" tall and would look great on a front desk. Orchids come in blue or purple with a white throat-please state your preferences for colour in the notes (while quantities last).


$30 value! The original Best Buds top seller, only mini! This vase is 9-11" tall and the perfect size for a small desk or as the centrepiece for a table. Orchids come in purple with a white throat (as shown) or the popular blue.


Write a message and send a lovely unique hand made card with the order.