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Write a message and send a lovely unique hand made card with the order.


A little sparkle to brighten your day...Sweet Caroline!


This lovely array of rich & bold flowers is a perfect fit for a baby shower or a gift for an office desk. Just add water and a little love!


This AMAZING display will celebrate any occasion with your loved ones! Tropical flowers and lots of bold and dramatic colours in this gorgeous bouquet.


Long lasting blooms to ensure you get as much life out of the flowers as possible. Dried cotton stem, pincushion protea, mini cymbidium orchid blooms, fuji mums and curly willow branches to add some flair.


Funky and colourful tropical arrangement with Birds of Paradise, Pincushion Protea and Orchids. Please note that colours of the flowers and vase may vary with availability.


The classic red rose to show love and respect done in a little bit of a different style. Show someone you care with a bit of a twist.


The seasonal fall colours in this arrangement make it appropriate for any recipient, to lend some fall beauty into their lives.


This short and sweet arrangement of gerbera daisies, bright mums, lush green tricillium and rich carnations will brighten any recipient's day with its soothing look.


This interesting mix of tropical flowers and garden flowers features orchids, gerberas, leucadendron, carnations, gladiola and tropical foliage and will be sure to warm up even the coldest days.


Modern take on the classic rose bowl. To find out our weekly colours of roses, please give the shop a call.


Are you wanting to send roses to an office or just to let your friend know you were thinking of them? Send a Rose Mini...


Go for monochromatic gold with this single colour arrangement.


Some of our most colourful blooms thrown into a freshly wrapped bouquet. Lilies, gerberas, roses and mums as well as seasonally available blooms.


Dendrobium orchids in a vase with rolled over tropical leaves and filler.


A tasteful design of some modern flowers with a fall theme.


The fall foliage with the tropical birds allows you to bring home both the fall season and the tropics.


Use some jewel toned flowers for a great affect.


Add a cute little face to an arrangement and make the fall speak to someone you love...


Both Oriental and Asiatic Lilies make a stunning combination with Roses and Gerbera Daises.


Are you already a fan of our under water orchid? This is a Large version in a 20-24" vase! A wonderfully unique idea, comes our popular blue orchids as well as the purple and white!


Why not add a wonderful conversation piece in your living room or your table.


Dozen roses wrapped with seasonal filler and greenery. The simple, yet lovely dozen red roses. A sentiment that shows your love.


Send a dozen roses, but choose the favourite colour of your friend or love. Colours may include: yellow, pink, white, or yellow with red tips. While supplies last.

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