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Top 5 Beautiful Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Florist

After you say yes to getting married, you begin planning your wedding, and with that comes a host of decisions, including whether or not it’s right to hire a wedding florist. Several benefits you might not know come with hiring a wedding florist, but we’ll fill you in on them below.


Read on below and find out some helpful florist tips before moving on with planning your wedding.


1. It Saves You Tons of Time

When you’re considering hiring a florist, the first benefit you can gain by doing so is saving yourself a considerable amount of time. Time is of the essence when planning your wedding, and if you’re not careful, you lose track of time and let essential parts of the wedding slip through the cracks.

One way you save time by hiring a florist is when you’re in the planning phase and the construction of your wedding floral arrangements. Instead of doing all the research yourself, the florist will do it for you. After doing this, they will take the information and vision you have for your floral arrangement and bring it to life. After they find some examples or options, they’ll present them to you for you to choose from. And the day of the wedding, they’ll be in charge of ensuring that the floral arrangements are set up while you focus on getting ready for your wedding and enjoying your big day.




2. Bring a Significant Amount of Expertise to the Table

Do you know what flowers are in season? Or which flowers complement each other when placed together for an arrangement? These are things that the average person might not know, but a wedding florist will because it’s something they specialize in. Even if you have some ideas about what you want for your wedding, the florist can help guide you and narrow down your ideas for your wedding. When you schedule your initial consultation with the florist, you can expect several things from them.

First, they will ask you to share your vision for your floral arrangement with them. From there, they will show you some examples of the past work they’ve done with other clients they have. The initial meeting is to ensure you get a feel for how they work and the level of expertise they can provide to you if you choose to move forward with hiring them for your wedding. You need to ask yourself if they don’t mention their expertise or experience. This is because you want to ensure you get everything you want out of your wedding.




3. More Affordable Option

When you think of hiring someone to plan any aspect of your wedding, it’s not unusual to assume that it will cost you more than if you were to do it yourself. While certain parts of a wedding you can do yourself, creating your own floral arrangements isn’t one of them. This is especially true whether you want to use real or fake flowers. When creating a floral arrangement, hiring a florist is a more cost-effective option and will help you save money in the long run. Part of this is because they have the expertise you’ll need to make better decisions. This expertise will help them provide you with floral options that are lower in price instead of you trying to replicate a floral arrangement and being unhappy with how it turns out.

Before you move forward with having the arrangements for your wedding created, let your wedding florist know your budget. They can take the budget and provide you with options that will fit your vision without breaking the bank.




4. Offers More Variety & Package Add-Ons

When hiring a wedding florist, they can do more than provide information about the different types of flowers you might want to use for your wedding. Depending on the florist you hire, you can inquire about the add-ons they offer that could elevate your floral arrangement. For example, if you’re having an evening wedding, they can help you determine if you want candles or other forms of lighting as additional decor for your arrangements. They can help you determine how you want bouquets and centerpieces to look.

Some florists have free package add-ons and others that will increase the cost of hiring them. Ensure you ask about what comes with your package and the things that will cost you more to add to your services.




5. Professional Connections

Florists that have been in the industry for a while have built connections over a period of time. This means that if there’s something you want that they can’t provide, the chances of them knowing someone that can help you achieve your goal are much higher.

When you create floral arrangements on your own, the chances of having these same professional relationships are lower. Instead, we recommend you not only tap into an expert source but also gain access to their connections.

For example, they might know someone that sells flowers at a discounted rate. This will save you money as you continue planning your wedding. Meaning you can use those funds towards something else.



Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Florist

Hiring a wedding florist has several benefits, including access to an expert, and it saves you tons of time planning your wedding. Are you in need of floral help for your wedding?


Browse the wedding flower section on Best Buds Flower Co or contact us for more floral help. Let us help bring your next special occasion to life.



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