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Wedding Bouquets

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Recently engaged? Congratulations! Now's the perfect time to start dreaming about your bridal bouquet.

Find the perfect bouquet style for your big day


Unstructured bouquets are characterized by their asymmetrical and free form shape. These eclectic and architectural bouquets often feature several floral varieties and lots of mixed textures such as greenery, grasses, and willow, sticks, or dried accent flowers. Though they are typically larger in size, they can be made at a smaller scale if desired.

Just Picked/Handtied

Just Picked/Handtied

A just picked bouquet can also be referred to as a handtied bouquet. This style of bouquet mimics the impression that you simply walked into a garden in full bloom and effortlessly arranged the flowers together. These bouquets are playful and whimsical, featuring a mixed selection of smaller and larger blooms gathered into a loose shape.

Nosegay or Clutch

A nosegay or clutch bouquet is characterized by its round and compact design with a little bit of additional texture, if desired. These bouquets are uniform and flower dense typically only feature a couple varieties and small accents of greenery. They can be made at any size, although are meant to hold effortlessly with one hand.



A teardrop bouquet is characterized by its shape as an inverted teardrop. These bouquets generally have a round and compact shape, but drape forward slightly no more than 30-40 cm into a point. Their style can range from classic and sophisticated featuring primarily roses or calla lilies, to wild and eclectic featuring lots of greenery and an assortment of blooms.


A cascading bouquet is the older sister of the teardrop bouquet. It is the largest and grandest of bridal bouquets. The flowers create a waterfall effect, trailing forward more than 40 cm into a point. Cascading bouquets can be made floral dense featuring one or two blooms, with focal flowers and lush greenery, or with an assortment of whimsical blooms.

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