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Why you should support your local flower shop!

Supporting your local flower shop is a great way to enhance your community. When times are tough, it can be challenging for them to keep their doors open and continue to serve their communities with the level of excellence that they have been known for in the past. This means that even when you reach out to buy flowers, you are also making an impact on the people around you. In addition, local florists bring a level of intimacy and personal service to the table that is unmatched by larger chains. A thriving community is an exciting place to live, and it’s something we can all play a part in, which is why we’ve listed the best reasons to support us and all local florists.

You are saving money!

Large floral shop chains are more expensive because they send your order to a florist in the same location or region, but the reality is that you are paying for the company’s brand within your order rather than for the expertise and quality of the florist’s range. In case the floral chain is the one that designs your bouquet, you will be charged additional fees for shipping, personalized orders and/or gifts of doubtful quality. You may actually find better deals with specialized florists as we may have promotions on certain days of the week or seasons!

Meanwhile, we can stick to your budget while providing you with a beautiful design. Our flower arrangements can be personalized to delight your loved one, friend, family member or yourself. In addition, Best Buds often carry “florists’ choice” or “designer’s choice” options that are quite affordable and can be delivered in many beautiful ways, such as a one-of-a-kind bouquet, and a jar or vase for long-lasting arrangements. We are also very proud to partner with local artists to include handcrafted details to cheer our customers.

Outstanding personalized service is our mandate

At Best Buds Flower, one of our main drives is to provide exceptional and personalized customer service! We genuinely strive to create a welcoming, fun, and friendly space for our employees and customers, as we understand how important they are to our business. This care extends to each one of our flower arrangements, bouquets, and handcrafted gifts. Additionally, we are always happy to share the best tips for long-lasting flower arrangements or even recommendations for growing your garden!

Flexible, fast and reliable delivery options

One of the main advantages to order from a local flower shop is the delivery service as arrangements are sent more quickly.

Plus, we care to protect your arrangements from any harm during the transportation, guaranteeing a fresh, beautiful bouquet.

At Best Buds Flower, our delivery services cover Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert City limits; and a small fee is included. On top of that, we are generally quite flexible with our delivery times and ‘rush delivery‘ is part of our services and only a 2-hour time window is needed.

For recurring orders, we have a floral subscription program that runs year-round and is ideal for offices, hotels, or anywhere that needs elegant floral designs. To make sure your order is everything you hoped for, we ask specific questions about the colours you like, favourite and not-so-favourite flowers, and possibly allergies. We have many sizes available and you can select weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries.

Our floral arrangements are always fresh, beautiful and made to delight any occasion!

There is no worse feeling than sending or receiving a poor, dry, low-quality bouquet. Especially since flowers are one of the most common ways to express positive feelings while brightening up any occasion. We go above and beyond to provide the freshest and most beautiful designs for each one of our bouquets or flower arrangements. Our efforts to deliver outstanding floral arrangements extend to special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and more.

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About the Lavender House

The Lavender House, formerly Best Buds Flower Co, has called Edmonton’s historic Oliver neighbourhood home for over twenty beautiful and blossoming years! We are grateful for our passionate and creative team who are always excited to bring your floral vision to life with a luxurious, high-quality, custom design. Guests are encouraged to stop in, chat, smell the flowers, and enjoy a cookie baked by our owner, Kimberly, herself!