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5 Effortless Ways To Care For Your Orchid

So, a friend or relative recently gave you an orchid as a gift…you are so lucky! These beautiful plants have quickly become one of the most popular houseplant gifts to give people, second only to poinsettias at Christmas time and are guaranteed to add sophistication and colour to any home. Many people in North America think orchids are quite rare, when in fact there are over 30,000 different types of orchids growing in the wild and over 100,000 hybrids making them one of the largest flowering plant families.

Throughout history, cultures have believed that orchids have healing and disease-fighting properties that ward off illness. In traditional Chinese medicine, the orchid is even used to help cure coughs and other lung illnesses. At Best Buds, we have noticed that when people are given orchids as a gift, their delicate beauty entrances them but are also unsure about the best way to look after them.

The Type Of Orchids Best Buds Sells

Best Buds sell many varieties of orchids. For weddings, we have the Phalaenopsis orchids, also called mother orchids. For other special occasions, we also carry Cymbidium, James Story, and Oncidium orchids, but the main staple orchid you will always find in the store is the Dendrobium orchid. These orchids are also sometimes known as cane orchids. They are native to Southeast Asia and have gorgeous flowers that bloom in a large variety of lovely exotic colours.

Five Steps To Taking Care Of Your Orchid

When you are first given your Dendrobium orchid, it will most likely be in bloom. You will obviously want to have your orchid bloom for as long as possible, so here are some helpful tips to make that happen.

1. Submerge The Orchid in Water

You will want to submerge your orchid in cool tap water for 10 – 15 minutes as this will help refresh the blooms; make sure you handle the flowers carefully to avoid damaging the blossoms or stems.

2. Cut A Little Off The Stems

Cut around a half inch off the base of the orchid’s stems using scissors or a sharp knife. You want to cut the stems at an angle, which allows the orchid to absorb more water.

3. Fill A Container With Water:

Fill a clean container that is more than half full with cool tap water. Remove any leaves that will be under the water, and then place the orchids in the water.

4. Find The Right Spot In Your Home For Your Orchid

Find a cool spot to place your vase of orchids, it should be out of the sunlight and away from cold draft, including ceiling fans. Try to keep the orchid in a room that is below 65 degrees and above 50 degrees to prevent the plant from dehydrating.

5. Mist Your Orchid

Keep the blooms refreshed by misting them daily with water. Also, change the container’s water

every two to three days to prevent root rot.

We Love To Help With Your Orchid Questions

Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have other orchid-related questions. We are happy to help and want your orchid to provide you with years of joy.

If you love orchids, we also offer our unique underwater orchids that come in a pretty glass vase in 3 sizes and make for a unique gift that will have everybody talking.