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Traditional Christmas Flowers And Plants With Their Meanings

At The Lavender House, we are  extremely excited about the holiday season! We love creating beautiful holiday designs and letting our imaginations run wild with unique flowers only available during the winter season. 

Wedding bouquets for winter brides, large  arrangements for the office ready to celebrate, beautiful ornaments that give a nice touch to your dinner room…we are experts on the subject. As a way to honor this beautiful season, we’ve put together a list of the most popular plants and flowers that best represent the joy of Christmas, so you can cheer up our excitement.


Have a holly, jolly Christmas! As you can see,  holly bushes are a great way to start our list. They have characteristic red berries and beautiful green leaves, which are the main colours of this jolly season. Holly bushes are extremely weather resistant and require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for decorating indoor or outdoor spaces. Also, in ancient times, holly bushes were considered good luck ornaments because they never died. For that reason, people used to send them to family and friends as a way to bring prosperity and good luck.


Let’s travel to a tropical paradise so you can meet a very representative Christmas plant. In Mexico, the poinsettia (commonly known as “nochebuena” or “Christmas Eve flower”) is a beautiful shrub or small tree, often mistaken for a flower because of the way the leaves are grouped and coloured. The colour of the petals ranges from deep red, pale green to creamy white, while you can find small yellow berries in the center. The poinsettia symbolizes the star of Bethlehem and is a popular adornment in Mexican offices, homes, and churches.

Red Roses

In addition to their popularity as a romantic gift (Valentine’s Day speaks for itself), red roses are a must during Christmas bouquets and arrangements. This timeless flower has a deep, vivid red color that brightens up any wedding bouquet or holiday arrangement. For Christians, red roses during Christmas represent the blood of Christ, while white roses are a symbol of purity and prosperity.


Our list could not be complete if we did not include the romantic and always cheerful mistletoe. The Celtic Druids believed that mistletoes symbolized liveliness and fertility because they could flourish even during the winter season. Later on, during the 18th century mistletoe was incorporated into Christmas celebrations. The kissing tradition flourished because men were allowed to steal a kiss from women caught standing under the mistletoe, and refusing the kiss was a sign of bad luck. Which favoured couples in love over time, since the strict parents preferred the kiss to bad luck.

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