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Flower Language: Sending the Right Bouquet Message

Flower Language helps you send flowers that mean more. They're a lovely way to show appreciation and offer support.

But with so many varieties of blooms out there, it can be hard to decide which are best. For example, did you know that each province and territory in Canada has an official flower? Not only that, but different flowers have different meanings.

Thankfully, you don’t have to guess too much as different blossoms signify various messages, something known as “flower language.” In this quick guide, we’ll help make your flower-sending journey easier by decoding the meanings of some popular blooms.

What Is Flower Language
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Romantic Flowers

Flower Languages - find the perfect flowers for your special someone

Whether you’re sending an expression of love or sympathy for someone going through a tough time, get ready to become a pro in sending thoughtful bouquets tailored perfectly to your occasion!

What Is Flower Language?

We’re not alluding to the idea that the flowers can speak when discussing flower language. Nope. Instead, flower language is the idea that different flowers convey different meanings. From romantic to platonic flowers, knowing the difference is helpful when choosing a bouquet for any occasion.

Flower language is an ancient tradition used as a way of communication to express feelings without saying words. During the 1800s, flower symbolism became incredibly popular, and flower meanings were studied by many. William Shakespeare even included certain flower meanings in his sonnets.

With certain flowers meaning different things, such as love, innocence, and good luck, flower-giving became a silent agreement between two people. The flower grew to symbolize an unspoken answer to thoughts or messages. Cool, right? You bet. And thankfully, you don’t have to guess the meaning these days.

Here is a brief breakdown of bouquet language.

Romantic Flowers

When trying to express romantic emotions, rose bouquets appeal to most people and remain timelessly romantic. Red roses are especially great as part of anniversary bouquets, for example.

Tulips are another great option. They tend to signify royalty and perfection. They come in various colors, such as red, purple, and yellow, allowing you to express your romantic intentions boldly.

Orchids have been known to symbolize admiration and beauty, making them another great flower for romantic settings. Lastly, peonies offer a sweetness unmatched by other flowers. They can make romantic moments even more special. In fact, the Chinese word for “most beautiful” translates to peony, making it ideal for letting someone know they’re the apple of your eye.

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Platonic Flowers

Platonic Flowers

Platonic flowers can be a meaningful way to show your platonic affection for someone. They are great as birthday gifts or a “thank you” to friends for helping you move or get over a breakup. Not sure what to send? Sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and violets all are platonic options.

  • Sunflowers signify warmth and admiration
  • Chrysanthemums represent fidelity and joy
  • Violets symbolize faith, affection, and intuition

In particular, the violet’s striking color has royal implications and can be particularly captivating when combined with other flowers in a bouquet. It is the perfect gift for emphasizing platonic feelings without being too forward. Plus, they’re all stunningly beautiful flowers to look at.

Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy flowers are a beautiful way to express sympathy after losing a loved one. Common sympathy flowers include the following:

  • Lilies
  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Gladioli

Each sympathy flower carries its unique meaning and can be used to create sympathy arrangements in all shapes and sizes. As you’ll note, some of these are also used in romantic bouquets. The biggest difference here is in the arrangement. Sympathy flowers are often used for casket sprays or as wreaths for a funeral service.

While white sympathy flowers such as peace lilies or white roses often symbolize innocence or purity, colors like red, yellow, or orange may signify love and sympathy. Whatever sympathy flowers you send to those grieving, they will bring comfort during any difficult time.

Sympathy Flowers
Healing Flowers

Healing Flowers

When sending healing wishes to someone in the hospital or recovering from an accident, why not add a bit of thoughtfulness and beauty to your bouquet?

Peonies are an excellent choice that represents healing and brings vibrancy to a somber situation.

Pansies also make great healing flowers as they are known for representing loving thoughts. Finally, adding yellow or orange roses will bring positivity and optimism to the recipient with their bright colors.

These healing flowers truly exude compassion and love, something we all need during healing times.

How to Arrange Flowers

Arranging flowers is more than picking them up from the store and poking them in a vase. It requires knowledge of color balance, proportion, form, texture, and creativity. While arranging flowers on your own can be enjoyable, it might take quite some time to get a satisfactory result.

For this reason, you may want to consider having a professional arrange the flowers for you. Not only will they create an original design with their experience and skill set, but they can help save you time that could be used elsewhere!

Regardless of who arranges your flowers, our best tip is always to send a note. A note is a perfect way to put your feelings into words and express your appreciation and joy. Whether you want to send an apology note or express congratulations, writing something heartfelt will remind the recipient of your thoughtfulness.

Be sure to provide details like who the note is from and why you’re sending the special arrangement, so they know how much they mean to you. When including a note when sending flowers, tailor it to the occasion and ensure it reflects your genuine appreciation for them.

How to Arrange Flowers
How to Arrange Flowers

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